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| Why Turmeric is considered as a natural home remedy for depression?

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Turmeric May Work better for Depression than Pharmaceutical Drugs

Depression effects 1 out of 10 Americans and more than 21% of the world’s population.  For many people, pharmaceutical drugs are not working because the long term side effects are extremely intense.  Some people become addicted to anti-depressants and experience painful withdrawal symptoms when they run out of their medications.

Today, there are many natural alternatives that can help to treat depression that have no unhealthy side effects.  Turmeric is a root related to ginger that is being used to treat a variety of health conditions including depression. The active ingredient in Turmeric known as curcumin works in  similiar ways as the pharmaceutical drug Prozac but without the harsh side effects.

There are many ways to incorporate turmeric into your diet.  You can sprinkle it on food, take the extract in pill form, and even use it to brush your teeth for whiter teeth.


So go ahead a get some turmeric today.  Your mind and body will love you for it



Speaking of natural sources, possibly the best source in treating depression is turmeric. With its main ingredient inside – curcumin, turmeric has been found to be even more effective than the whole variety of common anti-depressant drugs out there. In fact, in a recent controlled clinical trial, the core compound of turmeric – curcumin – has for the first time been confirmed to be a safe and effective ingredient in treating serious states of depression.

Along the side benefits of turmeric are the powerful neuroprotective properties for which there have been 109 studies on the famous GreenMedInfo database, with every single one resulting that turmeric has an enormous ability to protect and in some cases even restore the brain function.

Turmeric was even tested in a study with rats, where they were required to do a forced swim test which is commonly used to measure the effect of anti-depressant drugs on the behaviouor of lab animals. From the moment it was introduced and given to the lab rats, turmeric was found to positively affect their behavior, with an amazingly great anti-depressant effect. The turmeric-tested rats were in the end more active than the other ones, which shows us that they slightly overcame depression and ignored sitting alone, hating to move and sleeping.

Finally, every one of us struggled with depression can take turmeric as a supplement in a regular diet. Without risking any side effects and with using a 100% natural product, turmeric can definitely lower the depression and be more effective than any pharmaceutical drug.

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