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Want To Lower Breast Cancer Risk? Eat Some Broccoli And Celery : LIFE : Tech Times

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Broccoli and celery

Stop Cancer Eat Broccoli and Celery

Cancer is a major health problem in the United States and in other developed countries. In 2012,  eight million deaths were caused by cancer worldwide.  Women who utilize hormone replacement therapies are more at risk for breast cancer.   In particular, taking natural estrogen and synthetic progesterone simultaneously can dramatically increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer. However, at least 30% of all cancers are diet related.

Cancer research scientists have concluded that when human breast cancer cells develop they have stem-cell like properties making them very difficult to kill by conventional methods.  Luteolin a natural compound found in broccoli, celery, thyme, and parsely can reduce breast cancer by eliminating cancer stem cells.  Luteolin can be consumed naturally by eating certain vegetables, taking a pill extract, or by injecting it directly into the bloodstream.

The fact that many forms of life threatening cancers can be controlled and possibly eradicated through proper diet and supplementation is extremely positive. Cruciferous organically grown vegetables raw or slightly steamed have the most beneficial anti-cancer properties.

Remember just one cup of anti-cancer vegetables daily can reduce cancer risk by as much as 50%


Eating fair amounts of broccoli and celery was found to help reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially in women at the menopausal stage and those who have taken hormonal therapies.
(Photo : Paul Waite | Flickr)

New research has found that eating broccoli and celery can lower the risk of having breast cancer.

A group of experts from the University of Missouri learned that these tasty veggies contain a natural compound that can prevent breast cancer. The researchers found that broccoli and celery are high in luteolin.

While eating fair amounts of broccoli and celery may help decrease the risk of breast cancer because of their high luteolin content, the researchers also found that injecting luteolin into the bloodstream to directly target breast cancer cells may demonstrate benefits to their maximum effect. With luteolin, the vessels that feed the cancer cells are reduced.

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