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Stevia is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent

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Stevia rebaudiana, sweet leaf sugar substitute isolated on white background

 Stevia the Natural Sweetener that can Reduce Inflammation

Stevia is an herb native to Paraguay that has been used by locals for centuries as a sweetener and as a medicine.

Stevia does not have the negative health effects of chemical based alternative sweeteners.  Research has determined that stevia improves glucose metabolism while breaking down fats and bile acid.

Stevia also contains chlorphylls and xanthophlls that have been associated with a reduction in inflammation and cancerous tumor cell growth. New scientific studies have concluded that cancer is partially spread by excessive amounts of bodily inflammation.  This multifaceted link between cancer and inflammation make herbs like  stevia a necessary and promising part of cancer research.

So go ahead and reach for the stevia instead of sugar and get rid of  some unneeded inflammation.


Stevia contains zero calories and is up to 300 times sweeter than sucrose which makes stevia an excellent sugar substitute. This “miraculous Paraguay herb” may be called such because of its therapeutic properties in controlling diet related diseases such as type-2 diabetes, cancer prevention, weight control and overall human health. (2,3)

Scientists have identified general health benefits in individuals that consume products derived from stevia. Perhaps the best sweetener on the market, stevia does not appear to have the negative health risks associated with consumption as do other sugar alternatives.

While researchers are still working towards identifying how the body utilizes all components contained in stevia, that which is understood clearly benefits human health.

Some research has found that stevia acts as an anti-hyperglycemic agent or high blood sugar antagonist, because of its ability to lower glucose levels by up to 35% in healthy individuals and approximately 18% in patients with type-2 diabetes (2).

Some studies have found that the phagocytic function of cells, referred to as cellular eating because a cell will completely engulf and process particles, aids the immune system in protecting the body from potential threats when stevia is consumed (2). Two water-soluble compounds contained in stevia, chlorphylls and xanthophylls, have also been named as the reason why stevia exhibits anti-inflammation and cancer protective properties.

Chlorophylls and xanthophylls have been concluded to not only protect the body from the effects of carcinogens linked to numerous health concerns and disorders, but these components have actually been shown to limit tumor promoting cell growth (7).



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